Hello Priya!

Thank you for your writing. "The Artist's Way" burst onto the scene with considerable buzz in 1992. I dove into its promises, hoping it would ignite my journey as a writer. I fervently tried the daily pages, only to face the harsh reality of my own limits. I was disheartened, a burgeoning writer halted in my tracks. Yet, in hindsight, that setback was a turning point. It revealed a much deeper reservoir of inner work (using photography rather than writing) that ultimately guided me back to academia and propelling me towards a career in mental healthcare.

Fast forward three decades, and I stand transformed. The writing flows more freely. Time helps. In the world of Joseph Campbell's work, I've realized that while my solitary pursuit of creativity and personal growth holds merit, there's much that arises from collective endeavors, from collaboration and seeking guidance or aid from others. The magic is often found precisely at the intersection where our own internal resources intertwine with the universe's serendipity. Your story eloquently illustrates how we tap into the supernatural (external) when our individual efforts converge with the currents of synchronicity and propels us beyond ourselves.

It's a testament to the relationship between our own will and the mysterious forces that weave through our lives. In my own journey, I find comfort in embracing both the solitary path and connecting with others can lead us to the destination we seek, and perhaps beyond.

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Hi Priya, I love your deep dive into Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and I love your story of synchronicity on the train. In my life, I also have had many moments of synchronicity or divine guidance or whatever you may choose to call it. Personally, I'm fascinated by the reputable psychic mediums and how they assert we all have a "team of light" on "the other side." There is a YouTube recording of the respected Jewish Buddhist psychiatrist and author Dr. Mark Epstein having a conversation with the renowned psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson at the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC. I wrote about it here in case you may be interested: https://camillasanderson.substack.com/p/more-evidence-of-the-risingofthedivinefeminine

I also read Jackson's book, The Light Between Us, and I was fascinated to learn that she uses her psychic medium abilities to help ease the suffering of grieving parents who have lost a child. She wrote about the rigorous testing process she went through to work for the "Forever Family Foundation: Where science and spirituality work hand in hand to bring comfort to the bereaved." https://www.foreverfamilyfoundation.org/ and the evidence-based testing they use for a psychic medium to be admitted to their program.

What she says about how any loved one who has died is still right here with us, and that we all have a "team of light" on the other side, truly resonates with me. A part of me is very rational and scientific and wants to see evidence, but another part of me is quite happy to connect with my own intuition. And we can ask ourselves - where does that intuition come from? I also resonate with that Brene Brown quote, I dont trust a theologian who dismisses the beauty of science or a scientist who doesnt believe in the power of mystery.

p.s. I can't remember if I shared this with you before, but you may find this interesting too: https://camillasanderson.substack.com/p/how-the-rising-of-the-divine-feminine

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Great piece Priya! I really like the idea of supernatural aid connected to the heros journey. There is something so comforting about the idea that if you accept the call you will be helped along your way.

I also really liked your wrong train story, it was written really well, so much so that it had me worried for a moment that you wasnt going to make it onto the right train.

And I have always been a fan of the idea of synchronicity as I just feel it is a good example of how there is so much we dont know about the ways of the universe and so its hard to dismiss that such seemingly impossible happenings occur.

Thanks Priya

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What a lucky happenstance you had then! It must have been some kind of pull for you two to interact, for others to help as well. I definitely had experiences of synchronicity. I dreamed about meeting a man a week before I met my husband who looked exactly like the man in my dream. I don't know how to logically explain it, but it happened.

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Beautiful. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence. Call it divine providence, intervention, angels, etc. I treasure those moments of human connection and helpfulness. Hope I am that to others.

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