Beautiful writing Priya, and brava for you cultivating your courage!βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’–πŸ™πŸ•ŠοΈ

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Shared! I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately. Both personally and professionally I’m bumping into situations that call for letting go.

Thanks for the post and the poetry πŸ™

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Lovely poem! Kudos to you and thanks for sharing. The tension between letting go and holding on is fascinating and equivocal at times.

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Lovely poem. Perfectionism is a spiral to nowhere. Thx for sharing!

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I loved your poem! I especially loved these lines:

Is she

Too afraid to hold onto anything?

I wonder this myself all the time.

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Beautiful poem, Priya.

The message behind it is an important one for us writers and the way you delivered that message is elegant.

I really liked the last three lines:

β€œLet me start again, she says.

There is less of β€˜me’

Each time.”

I also really liked this description in the intro to your piece:

β€œThe hazy sunlight pools between buildings and trees, shadows seem softer and less dense, and trees prepare to let go of leaves.”

Thanks, Priya β€” keep fighting that perfectionism :)

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"I’m going to start by not being a perfectionist for a few minutes at a time and share this poem, my first in nearly forty years. Next, I’m going to be practice courage for a few minutes, and quickly schedule this newsletter."

I am going to take this advice and use it tomorrow when I hunker down in the morning with my newsletter! Let go of the perfection and create with courage, for a few minutes, or long enough to get my newsletter done. Thanks for this great piece. Such good reminders.

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A timely reminder to us all.

In the crippling pursuit of perfectionism, we only lose time. Forty years is a long time, but I’m glad that you decided to share this wonderful, poignant poem.

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