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Ten thousand journeys is an exploration of journeys, physical, mythical, hero, heroine, writer, artist, mystic, spiritual, etc., through storytelling, and cultural, philosophical, and psychological perspectives. 

This Substack is for you if you are on any kind of journey, have thought about going on one (or many), or are interested in the topic . My goal is to explore different stages and aspects using personal essays and imaginative metaphor so we can better recognize, and navigate, our personal invitations to journeying.

And, as you can see from the figure, the subject, like ripples in a pond, overlaps with many other topics!

About me:

Hi, my name is Priya. I’ve always been a writer.1 My interest in journeys started a decade ago when I became increasingly aware that what I'd been doing until then, my way of being in the world, didn't work for me anymore.  My response was to read (my go-to response to pretty much everything) my way through almost every book in the self-help aisle until someone told me about Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With The Thousand Faces. This was my Aha moment!

In spite of the many issues with the hero’s journey, many of the stages strongly resonated with me, and kickstarted my fascination with the idea of different kinds of journeys - those that fit into a neat pattern like the hero’s journey, and many more that don’t- acting as undercurrents even in our contemporary lives.

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I’ve some bad poetry and a short story written in my teens to back this up, and I’m currently working on my first novel.

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Exploring the journeys we take, all ten thousand of them, through storytelling, personal experiences, books, and cultural and psychological perspectives


Priya Iyer

Exploring journeys through storytelling, and cultural and psychological perspectives, to better recognize our personal calls to adventure